E8 Cowin Review – The Noise Cancellation Just Got Better!

Living in a bustling urban region are frenzied and requesting these days. Encompassed by clamors specifically during busy time times, some of the time may originate from your neighbors or it could be something different. Protection is rare these days and one would look for better unwinding and happiness specifically through tuning in to your preferred music on your preferred earphones. Equipping with a couple of earphones which have dynamic commotion dropping could help your unwinding all the more beneficially, to be specific the Cowin E8. Thus, what are the highlights which make this earphone not quite the same as the rest:

Commotion Cancellation

Right off the bat, the Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) include at 32 decibels level makes a superior showing with disconnecting generous number of sounds decibels from different go; best, mid and treble. This infers the ANC can counteract the plane thunders and transport motors clamors to an OK degree and shutting out discussion talks. Subsequently, it enables you to make the most of your preferred music while voyaging however maybe less compelling at occupied office spaces as the earphones have spillages of sounds.

Sound Quality

Furthermore, the sound quality is viewed as satisfactory however not the best in the earphones showcase. Along these lines, how about we start with the bass, which is the key part of sound quality. The low-end simply figure out how to coordinate with the pound and thunder normal to bass-substantial music meaning regardless you’ll have the option to appreciate smooth low pitch guitar sounds. In any case, both the mid and high-bass makes the general bass sounds a piece excessively overwhelming due to overemphasized in frequencies.


We will investigate two highlights which causes the earphones to perform better:

Battery Life

The Cowin E8 has 21 hours of battery existence with 3.2 long stretches of charge time, which is viewed as better than average for any earphone’s sweetheart. This implies the battery will keep going for a day all things considered yet moderate when energize. Remembering, you’ll need to turn it off physically so as to spare battery.


The Bluetooth comes in Version 4 and takes into consideration a solitary gadget matching as it were. This implies you can’t change to other Bluetooth sources and have it completely upheld on different gadgets. The capacity for the earphones to change to other Bluetooth gadgets is appropriate in case you’re utilizing it for working purposes for instance, tolerating a telephone call during tuning in to your digital recording. Likewise, suggesting that Cowin E8 is more reasonable for individual use instead of for working purposes. Another component which is missing is that the Bluetooth has no Near Field Communication (NFC) matching which means the earphones can’t combine with other NFC gadgets making it increasingly repetitive for the clients.


As I would see it, the Cowin E8 is increasingly appropriate for a solitary officer type inspired for individual use. In case you’re the sort who likes to make a trip and need to have some time alone. At that point this pair of earphones could be reasonable for you. At $150 merits a speculation for better Active Noise Cancellation when tuning in to music or webcast moving.

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