Three Top Android Phones to Buy

Men love their telephones and they will go through any measure of cash to guarantee they have the best. There are telephones today that will do pretty much everything, aside from maybe simply brushing your teeth; a portion of these telephones are so acceptable you will simply need to show it off to your companions. It might likewise be conceivable that all you need to do is to just stay aware of every other person. On the off chance that this is your craving, what you are searching for is an android telephone; since there are such a large number of in the market, we will take a gander at the main 3 android telephones that will give you esteem for cash:

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3: This is one incredible android telephone that will inhale crisp life into your portable world with every one of the determinations and highlights that are pressed into this contraption. With its 5.7 inch show it looks sufficiently large to be manly and the size just proceeds to say a great deal regarding its Full HD super innovation that enables you to appreciate everything from motion pictures to the best online experience as you peruse the web. The sheer speed of the Galaxy Note 3 and its battery life is unparalleled; any man who needs large estimated manly handset that has wide scope of highlights will get all that with this handset.

HTC one smaller than expected: The HTC one can be portrayed as an endeavor to eliminate the size and cost of a handset while keeping up execution at the most significant level. HTC is one amazing android telephone whose size is moderately little however the inward exhibition is still high notwithstanding the way that it is extensively modest. That little handset is pressed with a double center snapdragon 400 processor with a RAM that is 1GB and a littler 4.3 inch show; this gives it model force because of its equipment configuration hence making it a solid telephone. Its little size makes it engaging for individuals who don’t love to convey huge contraptions.

The LG G2: LG has made an amazing come back to the universe of advanced cells with this ground-breaking android telephone that has won the hearts of telephone darlings; add this to the way that it is moderately reasonable and you have a victor. It accompanies a 5.2 inch show that has a goals of up to 1080p; it is controlled by the main snapdragon 800 arrangement processor with a RAM of 2GB making it an amazing asset in little bundle. It additionally has an exceptionally improved battery life and an amazing camera that places it among the pioneers in the pack.

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