How to download and configure StopCovid on your smartphone?

How to download and configure StopCovid on your smartphone?

StopCovid, the official government application which allows French citizens to be alerted when they have potentially come into contact with a Covid-19 patient is now available on Android and iPhone.

Offered on a voluntary basis, it makes it possible, by relying on the Bluetooth connection of the smartphones of all of its users, to anonymously record the social interactions you have on a daily basis. Thanks to this, as soon as an individual using the application falls ill and declares it in StopCovid, a notification will be sent to all the people with whom he has been in contact so that they can take the necessary measures to avoid the spread of the virus.

  1. Download the app
    If you haven’t already, start by downloading the app to your smartphone. Available for free, StopCovid is downloadable on iOS and Android.
  2. Configure the application
    Open the app and tap I want to join . StopCovid displays a quick summary of how it works. Then press Continue , then Accept to validate the terms of use (obviously after having read all the information on Privacy).

Before you can use StopCovid, you will need to authorize it to access and use a number of items on your smartphone. You will need to Authorize “Bluetooth contacts” , as well as access to the location of your device.

In reality StopCovid will not access your GPS but only the Bluetooth module used to detect the smartphones of nearby users. Validate these permissions and be sure to choose When using the application when Android asks to Allow StopCovid to access the position of the device , otherwise the application will be unusable.

To be effective, the app needs to run in the background without interruption. You will then have to accept that this deactivates the battery optimization for StopCovid and validate your choice.

Finally, you will need to Allow notifications. This makes sense since it is through this that you will be alerted in the event that you have come across a patient with covid-19.

Complete the configuration by pressing It is noted after reading the summary of barrier actions.

  1. Activate StopCovid
    StopCovid may run in the background without you having to worry about it, but it gives you the flexibility to turn it on and off as you wish. In fact, you can activate it only during your outings when you know you will be having social interactions, and put it on standby when you get home.

When the app is active on your device, a little notification should sound. You will also be able to quickly know whether the application is active or not on your device (at least on Android) thanks to the icon displayed in the status bar and in the notifications pane.

  1. Erase your data
    Those who were worried that the app would suck up all their valuable data will be reassured that they can manually delete it.

To do this, enter the Manage my data menu . You can then erase the “Bluetooth contact” information stored on your smartphone, erase your data on the server, or erase the alerts.

Finally, you can choose to permanently unsubscribe from the application by pressing the button provided for this purpose.

  1. Report a positive test
    If unfortunately you have fallen ill and been tested by a laboratory, you should automatically receive a code with your results.

It is this code that you will have to scan (QR Code), or enter manually in the application to alert people you have passed that they have been in contact with a patient.

To declare yourself, go to the Declare me section, and choose the option that suits you best: Scan the QR Code , or Enter the code .

Please note, however, that the code received is only valid for a short time, so you will have to register in StopCovid as soon as you learn of your positive result.


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