Old generation phone and 2013 Best Seller of the Apple brand, the Apple iPhone 5c has had its heyday and a resounding success among the neophytes of the manufacturer of Cupertino. The terminal was launched with the A6 dual core chip clocked at 1.6 Ghz and associated with 1 GB RAM and supported by the PowerVR SGX 543MP3 GPU. The iPhone 5c sports a 4-inch diagonal IPS LCD technology screen with a definition of 1136 x 640 pixels. This display, which occupies 60% of the front surface of the device, offers a density of 326 dots per inch and an average contrast of 800: 1 for a 16: 9 display.

Since its launch the 5c has sold in the millions and despite the fact that this Smartphone is first rate, it has posed a multitude of different problems for its users over time. One of the most common problems is screen flickering. In this post, Smartphone Labo will try to provide you with some workarounds which help to fix the malfunction with a few manipulations.

Before trying the following repair procedures, it is best to make sure that the phone is running the latest software version. This will minimize the possibility that the screen problem is caused by an outdated software version. In addition, we must be sure that the slab has not received a shock following a fall or other, because in the case of physical damage, the solutions that we propose will not be of much use. It will probably be necessary to change the display or other internal components. You can do it yourself if you are a handyman and have spare parts to repair it and put it back in working order. Otherwise, it will be necessary to contact professionals.

Force restart the device
Some bugs caused by corrupted data can cause problems including display flicker . These types of troubles can usually be corrected by restarting the device as it will refresh the phone system. To force restart iPhone 5c , follow the procedure described below.

Press and hold the Home button.
While holding down the Home button, hold down the Power button.
Hold both keys down until the Apple logo appears.
Check if the flickering problem of the LCD panel persists.
Turn off automatic brightness
The smartphone’s automatic brightness function allows the screen to automatically change its brightness setting according to the ambient lighting conditions depending on the environment in which the user is located. Although this is a useful feature, it can sometimes cause a problem of screen that flickers . To check if this is the cause of the malfunction, try to deactivate this parameter.

Go to settings> General> Accessibility
Press “Display settings”.
Turn off the automatic brightness switch.

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Check if the problem occurs when the charger is plugged in
Sometimes the issue with the Apple device screen can be caused by the phone battery not providing the right amount of power for normal operation and optimal performance. The inconsistent power delivered by the 1507mAh battery in question can usually cause the screen to flicker. To check if this is the cause of the problem, you must connect your iPhone to its original charger provided in the box, then check if the problem persists. If this is not the case, serious consideration should be given to replacing the Li-ion battery of the mobile without delay to avoid damaging other internal components.

Perform an iPhone 5c factory reset
A final troubleshooting step to consider is resetting the iPhone 5c to its factory default settings . This will return the phone to its original like new condition. Note that this operation will erase all data stored on the internal memory of the Smartphone. You must therefore make sure to make a backup of important files before starting the process.

Power off from mobile

Insert the USB cable, then hold the Home button while connecting the phone to a computer with the latest iTunes version running.

On the computer or Mac, when the permission to detect iPhone via iTunes in recovery mode is displayed, click Ok.

Click Restore and Update.

iTunes will start to restore the phone.


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